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Fueled by Passion

MSA was founded in 2015 by three young automotive enthusiasts.


Adam Mitchell - ceo/owner

Adam Mitchell is the CEO and Owner of Mil-Spec Automotive. Growing up in the Detroit area, Adam always was an automotive enthusiast. Adam founded the company in 2015 to re-envision his favorite off-road vehicle, the Hummer H1, through world class design, engineering, and execution.


Chris van scyoc - President

Chris Van Scyoc is the President of Mil-Spec Automotive. Chris grew up in the midwest fascinated by planes, boats, and automobiles. Chris co-founded MSA with the intention of creating a world class micro-industrial automotive company.


Ian Broekman - CIO

Ian Broekman is the Chief Innovation Officer at Mil-Spec Automotive. Growing up in Detroit, fascinated by automotive design, Ian pursued his passion at MSA as a co-founding member with a focus in design/branding. Ian is driven to develop MSA's brand into a serious contender on the world stage by design.