Focused Beginnings

MSA was founded in 2015 with three core values that drive us forward.


execution by design

Design's importance at MSA is paramount to our product's execution. 

Every program that MSA takes on requires a focus on design execution. We are in love with the process of creating a great product, therefore we focus on a thorough research and development process that distances us from the competition. Each platform that MSA chooses to re-envision is given a focused period of design exploration which bleeds into prototyping and physical development. We chose design as one of our core pillars because we are inspired by great design every day. We look to products, architecture, and other industries for constant sources of inspiration.

attention to detail

Our approach to each build involves focus and patience.

Detail. Every individual has their own interpretation of what entails something to be classified as “detailed”. When the founders of MSA began to construct the ethos of what the company would evolve around, they wanted to define their perspective of the word detail. Detail became ingrained in MSA’s company culture from the beginning.

We strive to improve each build's quality, aesthetics, and performance with every truck. MSA's H1 Launch Edition is the perfect beginning to the story of our brand. Each Launch Edition is hand built by a 12 person team. The team is separated into focus groups that are specialized in each element of the production process.

Our team takes pride in their hand crafted work on display in each vehicle. Our process involves no-shortcuts. The two year long development of the Launch Edition package allowed our meticulous team to improve and replace almost every element of each vehicle. The Launch Edition only retains the donor Hummer H1 core's original frame rails and body, which are painstakingly re-manufactured/restored in house.

integrity in craft

Craftsmanship is everything at MSA, we strive to be as thorough in our process as possible.

When purchasing a hand-built vehicle, integrity in craft is a significant part of the value proposition and we believe that each vehicle that leaves our facility is a reflection of who we are as people.

Each donor H1 is dis-assembled and taken down to just the body and frame. After this process is completed, these two core items are media-blasted to bare metal where they will be re-manufactured. The entire frame and its components are then gloss black powder-coated to protect against corrosion. The aluminum body is restored during this time period by our in-house metal works specialist.

Once the body is completely prepped, our body/paint team goes to work on the vehicles MSA bespoke tri-level insulation system. This system involves the standard coating of high-grade primer and the application of coated sound/heat insulation products to the body. The underside of the vehicle's body is coated in a thermal deadening coating, the inside of the body is then coated with a sound deadening fiber coating. The final coating is a thick Kevlar infused exterior paint coating. This is the first step of our tri-level sound insulation system, the second and third portion are executed in final assembly prep.