The track titan

1987 AM General HMMWV

This is an internal study not offered to the general public.


It all started when…

Mil-Spec Automotive’s CEO (Adam Mitchell) was looking at our Launch Edition power-train test mule at the end of the testing phase in the “LE” vehicle program. This was not an ordinary power-train test mule, this was a 1987 AM General HMMWV that had a built 6.6 LBZ Duramax mated to a stage 5 Allison 1000. This truck was making 800 BHP and 1500 FT-LB’s of torque at the wheels, conservatively. He thought, “what are we going to do with this thing…”, and the skunk-works division was born.

Fast forward to the beginning of the summer in 2017.

A few key members of the Launch Edition development team were recruited to create a radical concept that no other rational human being had been tasked with in the past. Adam suggested that we build a “track-prepped” race-truck based off of this old test mule. The founding team got together and created a 2 month project plan that involved a complete frame off re-build of the test mule. A “Launch Edition” frame was pulled from the pre-production queue and given to the team and the rest is history.


The results were radical.

The truck features a (re-worked) 6.6 Duramax with a stage 5 Allison 1000 transmission. The power-train was capable of 800 BHP and 1500 FT-LB’s of torque. The truck’s entire suspension geometry was changed to allow for track use. The truck was lowered a tad over 7 inches and fitted with re-designed parts that created a stiffer chassis set up. The brakes were upgraded to 6 piston Wilwood (vented and slotted) calipers and rotors. We fitted the truck with a set of custom wheels wrapped in sticky Pirelli P-Zero tires.

The insanity did not stop there however. The truck also received an ARB Air locking differential that allowed for some “tail happy” shenanigans in our company parking lot. The truck was fitted with the necessary safety precautions including a lower roll bar, Sparco racing seats, MOMO race-spec steering wheel, and power-train kill switch.

After the truck proved itself worthy of track abuse on our facility grounds, we shipped it to M1 Concourse the week before 2017 Roadkill Nights on Woodward Ave. The development team flew up to Detroit and handed the keys to Aaron Bambach who put the project to the test on a private track day at M1. The truck performed shockingly well, keeping up with sports cars that regularly lapped the pristine asphalt at M1. After the testing phase, the keys were handed over to Matt Zurbrick. Matt went on to race the truck on Woodward Ave. during the Dream Cruise weekend’s “Roadkill Nights” event and hurt some feelings with an 8.71 1/8th mile run on the strip!

Stay tuned for more unique projects from our S-W team!

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Photo-Credit: @m1matt on Instagram.

Photo-Credit: @m1matt on Instagram.

Photo-Credit: @m1matt on Instagram.

Photo-Credit: @m1matt on Instagram.